Events at Castle Rising

Please check back for news of the latest events at The Castle.

Upcoming events (more info to follow):

26th & 27th May

Knights of Honour - details for both days:

10:00 - squire training and HEMA  demonstration

11:00 - weapons and armour talk

12:00 - blacksmith's forge

12:30 - lunch

13:30 - full contact tournament

14:30 - medieval game "Cub" audience participation

15:00 - calligraphy (in the castle)

15:30 - archery

16:00 - medieval clothing and fashion

16:30 - the big battle!

Other talks/demonstrations and displays will take place throughout the day ;

Fire lighting

Candle making

Embroidery (in the castle)

Leather carving

Wood carving

Working medieval kitchen

Medieval games


3rd & 4th August

Black Knight Historical


25th & 26th August

Norfolk & Norwich Medieval Association