Castle Rising


Events at Castle Rising


1st & 2nd May 2022

Knights of Honour

A friendly, energetic group that prides itself in delivering a high quality show both in the arena and out. 

The arena demonstrations cover weaponry and armour, as well as a range of exciting hand to hand fighting techniques. Come along and cheer the knights, armichures and squires as they battle each other to win honour and acclaim (and the winner's purse). 


They share their passion for history outside the arena too, with their displays of a full a living history encampment featuring the recreation and demonstration of a wide variety of ancient skills including fire lighting and candle making, historic food preparation, blacksmithing, some archery displays and clothing talks of the age. 

The Knights are an enthusiastic, family-oriented group of medieval reenactors. They welcome anyone with the shared enjoyment for history.

One of their members says "its the best family. Everyone is just that little bit crazy"


30th & 31st July 2022

Black Knight Historical


28th & 29th August 2022

Black Knight Historical